Pre-listing Home Inspection

Row of houses

Inspect or not, that is the question

There are lots of reasons to order a pre-listing home inspection before welcoming buyers to your home. First, it always makes sense to understand the condition of the house you live in. This way, you can plan and prioritize what needs to be done to make it safe and comfortable whether you proceed to sell, or not.


First impressions count

If you proceed to put the property on the market, you only have one opportunity to make a great first impression among buyers. Having the option of fixing things in advance will increase the attractiveness of your home and your ability to sell for top dollar. Otherwise, you just might have flippers knocking on your door offering a fraction of what the home would sell for if it was in good shape.


Spend now, save later

In most cases, a pre-listing inspection doesn’t take the place of a buyer ordered inspection, but it can help to make that final inspection far smoother. It’s a good bet that problems uncovered before a buyer enters the house will be less expensive to correct and won’t throw a wrench in the negotiation process after an offer is accepted. Since home inspections cover all major systems in a house, you as a seller will feel much more comfortable filling out disclosure forms related to the house’s condition they will be responsible for into the future.


Attract more buyers

In a buyer’s market, having a pre-listing inspection will help you stand out among the competition. Depending on the results, you can point out the documented positives and when necessary, confirm that you’ve acted on the information by correcting things the new owners won’t have to worry about. In some markets, buyers go so far as passing up their right for a home inspection. That’s a risky business for lots of reasons, they might feel comforted with the fact that you’ve done one already.


Compare and contrast

Even when a buyer eventually orders an inspection, you’ll have a basis for comparison if any conflicting issues are uncovered in the buyer’s inspection. That could help save you money and time renegotiating the deal.


All things considered, you’ll benefit from a pre-listing home inspection and so will your buyers!