In the Classroom

14 Questions

Your interview at a brokerage is really a Q&A session. Whether you’re speaking on the phone, doing research on or having an in-person meeting, here are questions you’ll want answers to...

1. What is the brokerage’s philosophy, culture?

2. What kind of support does the brokerage offer, i.e. mentorship, education, training?

3. What is the commission structure?  Are there any caps or franchise fees?

4. How are listings promoted?

5. Is there a Customer Relationship Management system you’ll have access to?

6. How is technology employed at the brokerage?

7. What expenses (associations, MLS, desk fees, eKey, etc.) will you be responsible for?

8. What does the company provide its agents (marketing resources, meeting space)?

9. Are leads provided? What’s the rate of lead conversion in the office?

10. Can you have your own website? How important is social media?

11. What company policies will you be required to adhere to such as meeting attendance or floor duty?

12 How many agents are full-time vs part-time? What is the average income of agents and what is the rate of annual turnover?

13. What other marketing resources are available?

14. What will be expected of you?

If you like what you’ve learned, can you speak with a few team members, tour the office and attend a staff meeting? You'll find one of the keys to success in real estate is KEEP ASKING QUESTIONS!